Tampico, Tams. México. June 01, 2016. People in Tampico are outraged due to the murder of  a mosquito which used to fly around the area. “Manuel” or “Manny,” as it was called lovingly by the community, was flying happily as it used to every evening, looking  for blood of animals or people. A family decided to go the park but negligently didn’t take any repelent as the mother had been known to be “forgetful” of such things. Melissa, one of the daughters was about to get on a swing when she felt Manuel on her right arm. She didn’t hesitate. She violently slapped Manny with her left hand. Although an a group of entomologists got to the place very fast, the life of Manny couldn’t be saved. The family is undergoing a lot of harrassment due to what is seen as plain negligence.

People expressed their outraged through their favorite social networks:

“This shouldn’t have happened. This could have been prevented. The girl could have simply stunned Manny, but she slapped him with full force. I am 100% sure that she wanted to kill Manny and she should pay for it.” Abner Mendoza from Mexico commented via Twitter

“The reason I am outraged is the total disrespect towards insect life, which is as important as human life you know. This is a case of negligence. The mother should have carried repelent. She didn’t. What kind of mother does that? Had I been the mother of Melissa, I can assure you I would never take my children to the park without being fully prepared. Never. I demand justice for Manny. I think they should put the mother in jail, for good.”  Mr. Phillips from KY, shared on facebook.

While many people appear to be convinced that animal life is just as important as human life, others where  a little less extreme, but still outraged.

“I am not a moron, I think that yes, human life is more important than insect life. But the reason for the outrage is the unnecesary death of an animal that was simply innocent. I mean, Manny wasn’t doing anything wrong. It was just living his life as any mosquito does. We invaded his habitat by building a park where it and many other mosquitos live. We are guilty as human beings for the killing of an insect that shouldn’t have happened.” Reverend C.Davis expressed via his personal website.

Hundreds of thousands of people will gather tonight for a vigil celebrating the life of Manny. Several conservationist groups are encouraging people to sign a petition in order to bring the guilty family to justice.



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